How my previous work-experience is benefiting my Master’s study

Before taking my Master’s I worked for nearly two years as a journalist and I quickly learnt that there are many different approaches to the way of working within this industry. Every company is unique in a way and they all have different ways of operating. Every single day I spent working really was a lesson about how… Read more »

Christmas in Bournemouth: places to go and things to do

Despite Bournemouth being quieter at the moment than during the term, there are still lots of things to do as you prepare for Christmas. The city seems less crowded due to the fact that many students are going back home, not only uni students, but also students from language schools too. If you’re staying in the town for Christmas… Read more »

What to expect from a Master’s in Corporate Communication

If I had to tell you about the most positive experience in taking a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication it would undoubtedly be all the people around me. The unique opportunity to learn from others and share experiences makes this course even more special. This is something that does not come in any book. It is at… Read more »