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MA Corporate Communication

fusion-buildingIf I had to tell you about the most positive experience in taking a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication it would undoubtedly be all the people around me. The unique opportunity to learn from others and share experiences makes this course even more special. This is something that does not come in any book. It is at least as valuable as all the theory a student can learn. It goes deeper.

7 might seem a small number for the amount of students in a course. However, each of my classmates is making my experience at Bournemouth University even more enriching. To be honest, I had not realised until I started my course last September about the potential of the human factor. From working on teams to helping each other when necessary, every contribution received from my colleagues is making this Master’s degree unique.

This course is helping me to be more confident in the field of corporate communication. It is true that a lot of individual work is necessary for getting the most of every subject, but the expertise provided by lecturers and their passion for teaching have to be recognised too. The marks on assignments are just the tip of the iceberg. They are assigned individually but they are the proof of the work well done by lecturers as well.

My advice to any person interested in studying a Master’s degree is to take it on with passion. Enjoy everything you study and be aware that day after day you are becoming more of an expert on the subject.