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Despite Bournemouth being quieter at the moment than during the term, there are still lots of things to do as you prepare for Christmas. The city seems less crowded due to the fact that many students are going back home, not only uni students, but also students from language schools too. If you’re staying in the town for Christmas … good news: Bournemouth has a lot to offer!

In Bournemouth Square (town centre) you will find the Christmas Market, which is open from the 17th of November until New Year’s Eve (31st of December). This is a unique opportunity to eat something different that you’ve never tried before or to buy handicrafts; you definitely don’t see a place like this every day.

Bournemouth Square is always ready to entertain it’s visitors and you can clearly see that every single part has been carefully decorated for Christmas and, of course, you can also meet Santa! He’ll appear in the town centre every evening from 5pm until 6pm –between the 1st and the 24th of December. Moreover, you can also find people singing carols – why not consider joining them for a song?

If you are more adventurous and want to try something different you should consider trying ice-skating. Don’t worry, the sea doesn’t freeze here at Bournemouth – it’s not that cold! There is an artificial ice rink in the Lower Gardens. Go for a visit and try your best on the ice! After a slippery time on your skates it’s time to enjoy a hot chocolate or even have dinner there. Likewise, if you like heights and want to see Bournemouth from a different view it’s highly advisable to go on the Big Wheel, which is just in front of the sea.

These are just a few things you can do in Bournemouth over Christmas, but wait: there are still more! Bournemouth Council has placed 20 Nutcracker Kings in different places around the town. Will you be able to find all of them? 20 may seem to be a big number but it can be a fun way to make your shopping trip a little bit different.

Bournemouth is not in the North Pole so unfortunately snow is not common here, but if you want to experience something similar you should visit the giant Snow Globe; every day it’s in a different place so you’ll find it easily. If you want to send your Christmas list to Santa you can go through the Enchanted Christmas Tree Walkway and find your way to Santa’s Post Box.

As you can see there is no time to get bored on these dates in Bournemouth, so go and enjoy every single thing the town has to offer for Christmas. I’ll leave you with some websites where you may find other events for your Christmas diary:

Merry Christmas everyone!