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MA Corporate Communication


My first Boot camp at a local newspaper

Before taking my Master’s I worked for nearly two years as a journalist and I quickly learnt that there are many different approaches to the way of working within this industry. Every company is unique in a way and they all have different ways of operating. Every single day I spent working really was a lesson about how things are done in ‘real life’.

Even though my previous studies (I studied journalism) are not exactly the same as Corporate Communications, there are lots of similarities between my undergraduate studies and my current course. I have been in contact with public relations and marketing practitioners for such a long time now and it’s really given me a good insight about how things are done in those industries.

A benefit of having previous work experience is that you can share it with your teachers and classmates every single day. This is vital because it not only helps me to better understand all the theory we are studying, but it also widens other students minds and makes lessons much more interesting. And, of course, my experience also helps me almost everyday to support a point or an idea I may have.

I have worked in a newspaper as a journalist for nearly 6 months and worked writing for corporate magazines for a year, as a journalist as well. Those have been my two big work experiences but I have also tried to collaborate with small projects too, which has enriched all that I have studied. This is why I suggest everyone should try getting some working experience whilst at university: it keeps you up to date with the industry and it is the perfect time to practice all that you’ve learnt.

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