Location, location, location

Welcome to Bournemouth, and what a location it is!  If you’re new to the area, I hope you’ve started to enjoy the beautiful beaches, parks and everything else Bournemouth has to offer.  If you haven’t visited us yet, then there’s lots to look forward to! While Bournemouth is a great place to be, we also… Read more » about Location, location, location

My future plans: life post-masters

As I look ahead to finishing my Masters, I’m faced with an array of mixed feelings.  I feel proud of my work so far on the course and envisage a huge sense of achievement on completing my dissertation.  I’m looking forward to progressing in my career and embarking on a new chapter in my life. … Read more » about My future plans: life post-masters

Funding your studies

With tuition fees, accommodation, day-to-day living expenses and perhaps relocation costs and conferences or other educational activities, postgraduate study isn’t cheap!  Fortunately there are numerous ways to fund your studies and support available to soften the blow.  Here I give a brief overview of the options and tips for funding your time at BU. Fees… Read more » about Funding your studies

Making the most of your studies at BU

BU is a great university that offers all sorts of ways to support and enhance your studying experience.  Here are my top tips on optimising your study experience: 1. Find your preferred study environment Where you work can have a big impact on your productivity.  Do you work best at home, at uni, or perhaps… Read more » about Making the most of your studies at BU

Making the most of student discounts

Being a student can be a tough time financially, but the strain is eased by making use of your student discount.  Your student card can be used to get discounts from a vast range of shops and services, plus you can get extra discounts by buying an NUS Extra card.  Here are my top tips… Read more » about Making the most of student discounts

Back to uni: it’s never too late to learn!

Feeling too old to have a career change or go back to studying is a common phenomenon, although the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ is also something we hear very frequently!  It’s understandable that the thought of going back to uni after a long study-free period can evoke anxiety, but I think this way of… Read more » about Back to uni: it’s never too late to learn!

The Bournemouth Christmas Market

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Bournemouth, with lights, entertainment and a traditional German Christmas market to get us all in the festive spirit.  I headed down on Friday evening to check it out.  Here’s what I made of it: The market centres on the square and offers a festive environment to… Read more » about The Bournemouth Christmas Market

Why I chose BU for my Master’s degree

There are many reasons to choose BU for postgraduate study.  Here are the top three reasons why I, personally, chose BU for my Master’s. The place BU was an obvious choice for me as it is the closest university to my home town of Poole.  That said, I would’ve been quite happy to relocate to… Read more » about Why I chose BU for my Master’s degree

Your first few weeks at BU

If you’ve just joined us – welcome to BU!  I hope you’re all enjoying the autumn sunshine, I know I am.  How exciting that you’ve now embarked on your postgraduate journey. And for those of you thinking of joining us in January, or next September, here’s some advice to get you prepared well in advance…. Read more » about Your first few weeks at BU

Being a part-time postgrad student

Being a part-time postgrad student is, to be honest, hard work!  But fear not, it has its plus sides too!  Here are a few pros and cons from my own experience… When I started out on my Master’s, I naturally wanted to get it done as quickly as possible, to enable speedier career progression.  So,… Read more » about Being a part-time postgrad student

Welcome to BU!

Congratulations if you’ve secured your place and you’re arriving at BU!  And for those thinking of studying here, here’s what you can expect from life at BU. It’s a great uni and a great part of the world to be in.  Here are some hints and tips to get you up to speed if you’re… Read more » about Welcome to BU!