Studying over summer

So, university’s over. Well for now at least – it’s summer time. Time to relax and let go of some steam right? Well yes, partly. This is the time for you to go on holidays, bathe in the sun and spend time with your family before you start another hectic year at university. But, between all that it’s… Read more »

Spaces that help you learn: Talbot Campus

Studying is hard sometimes, especially if you try to study in your room whilst sitting in bed. We all know the scenario far too well: fuzzy clothes, laptop, books, a cup of tea and you are all set for studying. Why is it that after just 10 minutes you find yourself doing everything else but… Read more »

Home vs Library – The studying debate

Where is the best place to study? It’s an argument that goes all the way back to the time when universities first opened their doors. Essentially people are split in two parts, those who believe that you should study in the comfort of your room and those who think studying at the library is the… Read more »