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MSc Public Health

lauren-bishopBeing a student is about more than just studying, and it can be a challenging and stressful time for a variety of reasons.  In keeping with this, BU is not just about teaching but offers a number of services to look after the health and wellbeing of all its students.

Medical Centre:

Most of us would be pretty lucky to get through our whole time at uni without being ill at some point!  The Medical Centre on Talbot Campus offers students the opportunity to register with a GP who can provide routine appointments as well as out-of-hours and emergency support for any health problems that crop up during term time.


Whatever your faith, or even if you don’t you have one at all, the chaplaincy is there to provide pastoral support to any student who might benefit from it. Whether you want to pray, worship, talk to someone in confidence about life issues or simply relax and unwind, the Chaplaincy offers you a safe and secure place in which to do this.

Student Wellbeing:

The Wellbeing service offers counselling and other support for students wanting to improve their mental or emotional wellbeing.  Whether you’re experiencing relationship troubles, exam stress, homesickness or any other kind of difficulty, the Wellbeing Service will help you to get the support you need.


askBU is a one-stop shop for all student enquiries throughout your time at BU.  They will always answer your question or help you to find someone who can.  askBU is available on a drop-in basis as well as by phone or email.

So, while your time at uni may not be without its challenges, BU does everything it can to help things run smoothly and support you through it when they don’t.  Be sure to make use of these services to maintain your wellbeing (and of course get the most out of your tuition fees!).

By Lauren Bishop