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MSc Marketing Management (digital)

When I was 18 all I knew was that I like to travel and discover new cultures and that is what I found at Bournemouth University! For my undergraduate degree, I studied BA (Hons) Tourism Management. However, to begin with I only really new what the Tourism part of the course involved and didn’t focus on what Management meant before I started the degree.

It turned out that the management part was all about finance, economics, managing people, marketing and much more. For someone who had never studied anything like this, it was an exciting journey. Through the years one of the business courses stuck with me and I fell in love with Marketing. Creativity allowed me to think outside of the box, but the analysis kept me reasonable and explained the principles of marketing. This dynamic duo was what pushed me to pursue my studies further.

After graduating from BU in the challenging year of 2020, I decided that this would be a good tine to develop myself further and pursue my newfound passion for marketing. You might think why not find a new university but why should I if BU is giving me the best options and courses!

There are various discounts and scholarships available for students and continuing students and I was eligible for two of them. So, without much thought, I went onto the BU website searched all the marketing-related courses and now I am studying MSc Marketing Management (digital).

When the course started, with a proud smile on my face, I told the other students that I am a BU graduate. My base knowledge was excellent, so I sailed through my units, broadened my views of marketing and continued to pursue my initial interest in tourism by working on companies that were in the sector. I found that the best way to go further with a master’s degree is to challenge yourself and challenge your lecturers by being inquisitive and getting involved.

Currently, I am in my second semester and I am so grateful for having all the transferable skills form my first degree. And it is time to start considering my next steps! My careers hub is a great platform where to start figuring this out and prepare yourself for the next step into the working world.

I would say to all the new students do not worry if you are unsure about your course, pursue it and gain the best out of it because there are options for further development! And for the recent graduates continue to challenge yourself and find where you belong!

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