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The number one worry for any student is usually making sure they have enough money to support themselves during their studies. So naturally, their second worry is how they’ll find a job to earn that money.

Thankfully, BU has a vast choice of part-time roles available to its students:

Student Ambassador t-shirt

Student Ambassadors

As well as having vibrant pink t-shirts and hoodies as your uniform, being a Student Ambassador is a well-paid role with a friendly team supporting you every step of the way.

It’s super flexible, too. As a student, they understand that sometimes things get busy and studying has to come first. Work when it suits you, take on various roles, and share your experiences.

Even as I’m writing this blog right now, it’s part of my role, and I love it!

Research Assistant (psychology department)

If you’re fortunate to be on a Psychology undergraduate degree, you can take on paid or voluntary roles in the department. As a first and second year, I participated in the Research Assistant Scheme (RAS). This is a great way to get professional experience if Psychology research is what you hope to do after your degree. The best part is that if the research is published later down the line, you will be named as a co-author. So, a future Psychology student could reference a paper with your name on it!

PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) Leaders

If you are a second-year and happy supporting first-years on the same course, you might want to try being a PAL leader. It’s a paid role with the chance to support students in the same position as you were the year before, so all your experiences are valuable knowledge to them. Adjusting to university life is difficult, so providing guidance to your fellow students is always in demand. 

The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station

Students’ Union (SUBU) roles

If you’re still stuck for job ideas, try our Students’ Union or SUBU. They have a wide range of roles available on our Talbot or Lansdowne campuses and in Bournemouth itself. There are retail positions at our Union shop, and technical or hospitality roles in our SUBU nightclub, The Old Fire Station. We also have community wardens and content creators who go out into Bournemouth and contribute to the community while sharing all the best bits about living and studying in one of the sunniest cities in the UK. ☀️

Two women are sitting in the CareersBU office on Talbot Campus and the picture is taken from outside looking at them through the window

CareersBU office on Talbot Campus

Other jobs to find in Bournemouth

And if after these, you still aren’t sure about part-time work during your time at BU, speak to our lovely CareersBU team about other part-time job opportunities. They can suggest roles you may not have found and ways to enhance job applications through your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. They are the brightest and friendliest team I’ve ever met, always ready to support you.


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