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from Moldova

2nd year

BSc(Hons) Psychology

The start line

When I first arrived in Bournemouth, the only thing I knew for certain is that I will study BSc(Hons) Psychology. I did research the Students’ Union before, but I had no idea where I would find friends, what hobbies I’d try and how my first year would look like. So, I joined almost every event that I saw on social media or that was advertised on campus.  

The first ever event was a taster surf lesson by ResLifeBU. Luckily, there were no big waves that day and the lesson went well. That was my first taste of Bournemouth and I was already impressed. Worth mentioning that one reason I chose Bournemouth University was the location. It was one of my childhood dreams to live by the beach. Now, I wake up to a sea view every day and I am really grateful for it.  

Sea view from my current room

Sea view from my current room

Clubs and societies

Then, besides going to lectures and seminars almost every day, I also joined the Volleyball Team and the Ballroom and Latin Dance Society. Being part of a sports team was new to me. It helped me discover new things about myself and meet inspiring people. The Ballroom and Latin Dance Society brought me back to my greatest hobby, dance. I improved my skills in the world of dance and felt more confident after each lesson.  

After exploring different clubs and societies throughout my first semester, me and other students on my course decided to set up the Psychology Society. The process wasn’t easy, however, very rewarding. We created a community where everyone has a passion for psychology, whether they study it or not. Working as a team, listening to each other proved to greatly improve my teamwork skills, while also having lots of fun. 

Psychology Society Committee at Freshers Fair

Psychology Society Committee at Freshers Fair

Part-time officer role

Another unexpected thing that happened to me at university was being elected Women’s Officer. The idea started off as a joke but couple days later I found myself campaigning as part of the election process. Even though I started in this role only few months ago, my leadership skills developed considerably, and I got to meet many new people at our events.  We intend to provide educational workshops regarding women’s health, conference trips and invite guest speakers from a variety of fields.

Badges, flyers given out to students to inform about the network

Women’s Network Stall at Freshers Fair

Blue hoodie that you get given as a part-time officer

Me in my Women’s Officer Hoodie


Why should you get involved?

When you start university, there is a lot of academic pressure. We all want to do well in our degree and get a good, well-paid job. However, as many of my lecturers would say, employers now look for graduates that get involved in all sorts of stuff, both academically and socially.  

Bournemouth University offered me the opportunity to develop my personality multilaterally. Those opportunities are always there for you too. You just need motivation and willingness to try new things.  

And… if it doesn’t work out, you move on to the next!  


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