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Studying at university is incredibly exciting, but for many students it means relocating from your hometown to somewhere completely new – sometimes across the country, or even from another continent! It might seem daunting, but making friends at university is simple.

Remember, everyone is in the same boat, so don’t feel as if you’re the only one!

Here are my top 5 ways to make friends at university:

  1. Societies
Group photo of the BU Cocktail & Mocktail society

BU’s Cocktail & Mocktail society

First, I would recommend you join a society! Check out the SUBU page to find a society to get an idea of the societies available, and make sure to go to Freshers Fair (there’s often free chocolate, don’t miss out!).

I’ve joined a whole range of societies throughout university, some where I knew that I would have things in common with members, and some that were completely new to me!

You can also make your own society once you’ve found some friends, so that you can all find people with similar interests to you. My personal favourite is the Cocktail and Mocktail Society, since there’s a variety of events and hundreds of members, so you’re guaranteed to find someone you like!

  1. SportBU

A simple way to make friends is to find something in common between you and another person, so if you like to go to the gym, fitness classes or play sports, then head over to SportBU. This year I signed myself up to a whole bunch of fitness classes that I’d never done before, and I found people who were just as nervous as me and I see them each week in the same class!

  1. Classmates

You’ll be studying with your course mates for several years, so you might as well try and get to know some of them! Most courses make a group chat, so send a message inviting people to Dylan’s in between lectures. Plus, if you make friends on your course, you’ll likely enjoy group projects more and feel more motivated to come to class.

  1. Flatmates

Don’t underestimate the people you live with, I’m still friends with someone I lived with in first year and I’m now about to graduate. Invite your flat for a night out, or even something more low-key like a pizza night. Or, bring some games into the shared kitchen and invite them – I got a Nintendo Wii from CEX and my flatmates and I would regularly have Mario Kart and Just Dance competitions, as well as Monopoly nights.

If you’re in a studio, or have already tried with your flat, don’t forget that there are so many other people living in the building too (if you’re in halls of residence) so connect with them!

  1. ResLife

ResLife is in all BU accommodation, and they work to hold regular events to help you connect with other people in your accommodation.

Even if your flatmates don’t work to attend the event, challenge yourself to go on your own, since there is likely someone else on their own too that you can make friends with. Then you get to know people from a whole range of courses (often with free pizza!).A dog lying down being patted

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