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 How can I make the most of BU’s careers service and the careers hub?

So you may have decided on going to university… Yay!  You are probably swept up in the excitement of your new independent adventure. However, when is the right time to start thinking about after university? At the end of the day, going to university and getting your degree is all with the main end-goal of improving your employability and your chances of finding your dream job. BU has a dedicated team of career professionals to advise and support all BU students, not only throughout their studies but also for 3 years after graduating as well. Whatever path you choose to pursue from your degree, this is a fantastic tool that should be used to its full advantage during your time at BU. Here I will give an outline of the service and how you can use it.

                                                     The Careers Centre

BU careers center

The careers centre itself is a building on Talbot campus located right outside the library. You may be thinking “But I am a first year! I won’t be going there until final year at least!” I thought the same at first. But…the early bird catches the worm! The earlier you start to utilise the service of the careers centre the better. They can help with a variety of things, including tidying up your CV and taking it from the school/college format that it may currently be into something that an employer would be impressed to see.


Can I still access the services without attending the Careers Centre in person?

Of course, you can! all of these services can still be used online, which is perfect in the current situation we are in.  Think “virtual careers centre”, as it were.  As a BU student you will be able to access My Career Hub whenever you like, where there is a wide range of information already stored on the portal along with the ability to book virtual video call appointments with careers advisors from home or from your accommodation, so you are not missing out on any support available. Appointments can be made for specific reasons such as finding placements, part time jobs, or can also be used if you just want to discuss your career path options with a professional. I would recommend also attending both physical and virtual careers event held by BU, which can be viewed here.

A careers event at BU

A placement PAL leader presenting to new students on starting the placement process









Placement Coordinators

I would definitely recommend using the careers service as early as possible, especially if you are planning on doing a placement. Support is available in finding placements that previous BU students have obtained, preparing any applications and even providing mock interviews if that is something that would help you. This guidance will be provided to you by your department’s placement coordinator, who you will also be able to book appointments with and discuss possible options.

I hope this has helped you gain an insight into how you can make the most of the careers support available to you at BU. Remember that it is up to you to take advantage of these kind of services and that they can help you in taking steps to achieve your career goals!


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