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Going to university and getting your degree is a major first step in the path to your dream career, however with more and more undergrads obtaining bachelor’s degrees, the playing field has been levelled. The good news is that there are lots of ways you can enhance your employability by taking part in extra-curricular activities, part time jobs and volunteering to give you the edge.

What extra-curricular activities can I get involved in at BU?
There is a variety of things to get involved with… here I will outline just a few of the best ones!

Global Talent Programme
This programme is a specific award developed uniquely by BU to give students an edge and is recognised and highly respected by many employers. It involves gaining access to events organised and run by employers (providing excellent networking opportunities), and much more. You are also able to earn badges along the way by completing challenges and experiences, and at the end you can collect your award to show what you can do beyond your degree! Click here to find out more.

Student Reps
Another great scheme to be involved in during your studies is becoming a Student Rep. These are responsible, organised and respected individuals elected by peers on their course to act as a line of communication between the student voice, the Student Union (SUBU) and the BU’s management team to ensure that the student experience is the best it can be. I was elected as student rep during my second year, and feel I benefitted from the experience and developed many of my skills in leadership, public speaking and working in a team to name but a few. To top it all off, you also receive a special purple hoodie if elected and who doesn’t love a cosy freebie!

Part time jobs… at BU?!

Although it may not be for everyone, it is not uncommon for students to have some part time work during their studies, some of which you can even apply for at BU! Here are some of the roles available:

Student Ambassador
For me, one of the best things during my time as a BU student was the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador. This is a form of employment open for all BU students to apply to and includes a variety of tasks from assisting with open days, becoming part of the outreach team that works with local schools in the area, and producing digital content like I am doing now! This role has allowed me to develop so many fantastic skills and is perfect to fit a student lifestyle as there is no obligation to work if you have an important deadline or exam coming up. This has really helped to improve my employability and is one of the main topics that employers ask me about at job interviews as a graduate. If successful, you will also receive a pink hoodie so… definitely worth an application!

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader
This is another scheme run by BU that utilises the rapport between first- and second-year students on the same course. This involves weekly sessions delivered by a second year student, to a group of first years to help with adjusting the university life, enhancing understanding of content and answering general questions. This is a competitive role to apply for, and there are usually two per course, so if you think this may be for you then take a look at some more information here, and best of luck with applications! Oh not to mention you will also receive a blue hoodie as a PAL leader!

So to summarise, not only will these opportunities enhance your skill-set for employability but they could also earn you a nice colourful hoodie collection! Best of luck with whichever opportunities you choose and with your future career paths!

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