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Placement year

BA (Hons) Media Production

At University, a common misconception is that all your assignments are essays! Well, I can say from experience this is not the case! You can get a whole range of assessment type’s throughout your university education.

My favourite project this year was the assignment for a unit I had called Stories & Spaces. Our brief was to:

“In groups, create a short piece of projection mapping that augments a piece of dance”.

Sydney harbour with the Queen of England projector onto it

So, what actually is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping is the display of video content and motion graphics on surfaces that are not intended as display’s. Projection mapping is routinely used in theatre and performance to create virtual sets, visual effects and more.

For submission, this project was then displayed at a live event where all the groups presented their projection!

An abstract graphic of green and black lines in various shapesWe had the incredible opportunity to work with classical Bharatanatyam dancers and it developed our skill set in a world where the media industry is ever changing!!

You can watch the full performance here (I recommend listening with headphones).




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