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BA (Hons) Communication and Media

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, then took the plunge and moved to another country by myself! I am currently in my second year as a BA (Hons) Communication & Media student here at Bournemouth University and certainly have a lot of stories to tell. When people back at home ask me what it is like to study in Bournemouth I always say, “it’s like being on a holiday while I’m studying for my degree” and here is why: When I didn’t know what university
life was like, I probably would have described it as being locked up in lecture halls with an endless number of hours sitting with hundreds of other students waiting for the time to pass by. But experiencing what it’s like to study at Bournemouth University proved me very wrong! While living in central Europe, I never had the opportunity to study in a town where it takes ten minutes to walk to a beach for a study break. After one of my lectures, seminars or revision sessions in the library, walking down the pier really clears my mind and relieves any stress from course works and essays.Neither did I know about the seminars that come with the lectures, which are in groups of around 20 people and more interactive! These seminars are what helped me when I had issues with any of the coursework or group projects we were assigned. We were able to talk to our lecturers while they were able to make sure we were all on the same page about the content of the respective subject. On another note, the seminars are such a good opportunity to meet your course mates as well. And since you are staying in the same groups for the year, you will most certainly end up being good mates. If you think the seminar groups aren’t enough, then you haven’t seen what SUBU has to offer! They have so many clubs and societies to choose from and the one I joined is the K-Pop Society. To be completely honest, I wasn’t too much of a K-Pop fanatic when I joined but the people in the society are what made me stay. Being involved in a society really exposed me to such a diverse range of people who have similar interests as me. It’s such an easy way to get out there without having to go through awkward small talk since you already have a hinton what the other person likes. And part of being in a society are the weekly socials, which range from musical chairs to movie nights to epic nights out! So, this is why I feel like I’m permanently on a holiday.

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