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This is a guest blog by Jonathan Faraoni, our BSc (Hons) Computing graduate, and currently studying MSc Internet of Things at Bournemouth University.

My story begins in 2015 when at the age of 19 years old I decided to move abroad for my studies and pursue a bachelor’s degree in science and technology. After many searches, I found Bournemouth University which had many interesting courses on the subject. I decided to enrol for the computing course, and there I was away from home.

I chose BU because I have grown up near the beach so I found the same environment, and also because I really liked the course which was one of the best at the time for undergraduate degree. Another reason was because of BU’s great reputation in employment prospects.

My undergraduate experience left me with a lot of good memories –  I met a lot of people, lived with different people and made friends that last up to this day. My suggestion for any student starting university now is to make as many friends as possible, as during your years at the university you will need their help and they will need yours, you will create a bond that may continue for years, and maybe who knows even at work after the university experience is over.

In my third year at BU, I decided to undertake a placement. It was a great opportunity as at the end of my second year I still had no idea of what specific subject I wanted to focus on in my career – I liked a bit of everything but nothing specifically. Placement answered my dilemma. I joined an Internet of Things (IoT) company which opened my perspectives from the first day I started, and I knew early on that I wanted to do IoT for my dissertation.

As soon as I returned to university for my final year, I met Marios Angelopoulos who was the unit leader for IoT. I had an initial discussion with him about my interest and we immedietly found appreciation in the subject of interest. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was still fascinated by the subject and thanks to help of Marios, I continued my studies in MSc Internet of Things at Bournemouth University.

During my master’s degree, I had the time and the interest to enjoy what I was studying with different stimulating challenges – also, the course offers many opportunities to students who are willing to put themselves out there, this is what happened to me.

In November 2019 I participated in a Hackathon hosted by Siemens. There were 17 universities competing to try and solve a problem that was described by the hosting company. The first winner will be offered internships with the company. My team did not win the first place, but I managed to impress some of the judges of Siemens who then ask me to come to their office for an interview. This was a great opportunity for me as it demonstrates that hard-working individuals always manage to accomplish success.

I have started officially with Siemens Mobility in October 2020 and I am grateful for the experience and the opportunities that Bournemouth University has given me to build my career.

Jonathan Faraoni, Italy, BSc (Hons) Computing and MSc Internet of Things.

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