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As a first-time international student, there were many new things for me to learn, from flying solo to setting foot in a foreign land and embarking on a new phase of life. Let me take you through some things that I found helpful and would recommend.

Assuming that you already have an offer at hand and the next steps to relocate are in progress, here are five tips that I think you might find useful –

  1. Make a list – Lists are time-saving and extremely efficient, especially when you have too many things to pay attention to. Make lists of things you want to carry, documents you need to take with you, and contact details of your family and close friends (with the country code and how they are related to you). Put every little and obvious thing on that list.


  1. Use google maps – Once you know where you are going to stay for the year, use the street view on google maps and virtually explore the area to familiarise yourself. Find out what your neighbourhood looks like, where the university campus is located from your accommodation, and your nearest supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Boots etc.).

    Packing, packing and more packing!


  2. Pack in advance –When you pack, always use your list. Some airlines provide a student concession on flight tickets and an extra luggage allowance on top of what is mentioned in your ticket. Pick the one that suits you best and begin packing. Always ensure that you have a set of clothes in your cabin bag, just in case! 😉 Have all your documents in one folder, which helps if it is in the order of requirement. 

    My first dinner a Bournemouth 🙂

  3. Plan your meals –  For the first day or two, it helps to plan your meals or bring something from your home country that you can heat and eat. Alternatively, you can also look at places you can eat at. Remember to use your student discounts to the fullest! 🙂


5. Gear up – The most exciting part of the journey is around the corner! Be open to learning new things that come your way. Adapt to new surroundings and situations that you are put into. Make friends outside of your course to make the journey even more memorable!

Bournemouth beach

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