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Hi, my name is Patty and I’m currently studying the MSc Computer Animation & Visual Effects at Bournemouth University.

My transition to a Masters degree from Undergraduate study – my reason to study for a Masters degree.

I really enjoyed doing my BA in Computer Animation Art & Design at BU. I had a great time though I was a a little undecided at first when deciding what to focus on. You can read my blog about my unusual journey to BU to find out more about that.

My decision was between Computer Animation Technical Arts and Computer Animation Art and Design because I always liked the technical parts as well as the maths. I ended up studying Art and Design which focuses more on the art parts of Animation, VFX, and games. However, I always tried to do the more technical bits of a project and squeeze in some programming whenever I could. Because of all that I decided to do a Masters and switch direction slightly.

All the pressure and different perspectives – Do I want to or need to do a Masters?

I had a chat with my academic advisor and a lecturer I trusted because I was under a lot of pressure when choosing what to do after my undergraduate degree. I had some friends telling me not to do a masters because I could get a job in the area I specialised in, so it might be a waste of time. However, I had my family telling me that I have to do my masters and I have to do it now, because if I take a break it will be hard to get back to it, and if I go to work I will never go back and do my masters!

I was initially worried if I’d be able to cope with the programming aspects and new things too. I spoke to the MSc Programme Leader and that conversation helped a lot with preparing myself for this year and influenced my project choices in the final year.

In the end, the conversations with different people and their different perspectives did help me to make my mind up and choose the MSc at BU. I advise everyone to research their options well and chat with lecturers as much as possible.

Why I chose BU again – I did my research

I considered a few options. I knew BU had a course I liked, and the contents of it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, but I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay at the same university because I was thinking about changing the scenery and meeting more new people and exploring a different place.

It was only recently that I found out how niche my area of study is. We focus mostly on software and tools for animation and VFX, programming – very specific to graphics, and CG and we study a small amount of art, my course is very unique! There are only 9 or 10 of us on my course, which makes us desired in the industry, and our job prospects are looking very good.  Also one benefit of staying on are the fee discounts!

What now?

Everything is going well and I am almost done with my master’s and can say that BU was a very good choice. I like the fact that we have our dedicated lab, which we call the CAVE with all the posters and books and our tea and coffee station. All the people on my course are great even though most of them were quite shy at first.

Bournemouth feels like home to me now even more and I am honestly a bit scared to graduate and leave, it will be definitely feel quite sad to say goodbye to all the people, and places, but I will have all the memories to keep forever.

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