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University Mental Health Day brings together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year round change to the future of student mental health. This years University Mental Health Day will be on Thursday 3 March and there is no greater time to learn new skills for your Mental Health through reading and enjoy yourself in the process!

Like our phones, we sometimes run out of energy! From taxing assessments, long lectures and prolonged readings – it’s only natural to sometimes feel burned out as a university student. Whilst diet and exercise are both effective ways to increase energy, reading books on mental health is also a great way to gain skills to boost your Mental Health. This blog will focus on three (not only enjoyable but beneficial) books that I would recommend to boost your Mental Health.

  1. Think Like A MonkGrowing up in London, Jay Shetty defied his mother’s hopes of him becoming a doctor or Lawyer by choosing to become a Hindu monk. After 3 years, he became exceedingly unwell and to his dissatisfaction was forced to leave his monastery. Amongst returning, he felt non-fulfilment and frustration although realised the practises he had learned could benefit his and others lives. He has since become to many, the face of mental wellbeing and spreads messages in his 2020 book; ‘Think like a Monk’. He discusses different topics from identity, negativity and gratitude and brings a positive perspective on how to increase happiness. The Book, like a flavoursome desert, is extremely easy to consume and is not only a beneficial but enjoyable read.
  2. The AlchemistFor many, non-fiction or self helps books can sound unappealing, and for those who love a great adventure book, ‘The Alchemist’ is a widely beloved and a popular piece of literature. Written by the extremely talented Brazilian novelist; Paulo Coelho, the story presents a strong message regarding dealing with life’s hardships. Will Smith, Madonna, Oprah, and Pharrell Williams have all accounted the book as being a great source of confidence to them with overcoming challenges. The book keeps you gripped from beginning to end and is an unforgettable experience with potential life altering abilities
  3. Green LightsMathew McConaughey to many, may be the leading love interest or emotionally complex character appearing on their screen. However, he is also a best-selling author for his 2020 memoir; ‘Greenlights’. Recounting his own experiences with mental health struggles, difficult times and hurdles, he presents an open exposé into who he is as a man and a human. The philosophy of his book centres around the idea that life will always have amber lights and red lights that will slow you down and can be disheartening, although states that those lights will eventually turn green. The book not only presents a powerful perspective on life but also contains laugh out loud and often jaw dropping stories and isn’t a read that you will regret.

Whatever support you might need when you join the BU community, BU has lots of services available to help you. After all, it’s easier to be the best you can be when you’re happy and healthy.

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