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So as the new year begins, many of us want to ‘attempt’ to eat healthy. Being vegetarian, it can be harder than you think to maintain a ‘healthy’ diet, especially when everyone else gets chicken nuggets. From my 3 and a half years at university I’ve accumulated a variety of ‘healthy’ vegetarian recipes and meals that can easily be made from a normally unequipped student kitchen.

So to start, my favourite has to be a classic coconut, sweet potato and chickpea curry. There are an infinite amount of vegetarian sweet potato curries on the internet, many of which I have found to be majorly over-complicated. The recipe I have linked above is my favourite by far as a student. It only takes half an hour, literally anybody could make it and the best bit? You can make it all in one pan so there is virtually no washing up. Amazing.(It may not look the best, but it sure does taste it!)

Next is a noodle stir fry. Yes a classic but so easy to make vegetarian friendly and they are not complicated whatsoever! I started off making stir fry’s with the kits you find in any supermarket and I do still use them. So incredibly easy to chuck together. However I have started making my own after finding some incredible recipes. BBC have a page of recipes dedicated to vegetarian noodles, but my favourite (and probably the easiest recipe I have ever found) is Tasty’s Veggie garlic noodles. 8 ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your kitchen, can easily make in under 10 minutes which is perfect after a day at the library (or before a night out to cameo).

The last meal is not so much a recipe as such, but ‘nourish’ bowls as I have seen them named on social media. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is a bowl full of veggies, carbs, dips or even meat, but it’s literally whatever you can find in your fridge. So I tried one and I added avocado, cucumber, sticky white rice, scrambled tofu and soy sauce. It was incredible and tasted like a big bowl of sushi (just missing the seaweed but it worked!). Nourish bowls are so versatile and can be just as healthy as you choose. This link is a great for how to build your own nourish bowl.

Some other favourite meals of mine include:

  • Fajitas using quorn or halloumi
  • Mediterranean vegetables, halloumi and chips.
  • Creamy broccoli pasta (the best)
  • Black bean enchiladas
  • Pesto pasta but adding in green beans

The Student Food Project, BBC Good Food and Pinterest are my go-to sites for exploring more recipes.

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