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Whether you prefer using public transport, travelling by air, or riding bicycles, Bournemouth offers all those great and convenient options that help you easily explore the local area and other cities in the UK in all the way you want.

Going from London

I remember arriving at Heathrow Airport in London in the middle of the pandemic and being welcomed by Ashley – the friendliest taxi driver I have ever met that left an unforgettable first impression on my trip to Bournemouth. Amidst the Covid-19 situation in the UK and lockdown restriction at that time, Bournemouth University provided lots of support for international students. I was appreciated that the university worked with partners to provide students with a taxi transfer from the airport to Bournemouth, free of charge. It made my travelling experience during the pandemic safer with lots of joy and excitement.

With great support from Bournemouth University, I had a safe and unforgettable experience transferring from London Heathrow airport to Bournemouth

Bournemouth is in southern England. It takes about two hours to drive from London to Bournemouth and about 2.5 hours to travel by train. You can also travel from the airport to Bournemouth by coach, which costs approximately £30.00. Whichever way you prefer to choose, you will be able to travel to Bournemouth from London quickly at affordable prices.

Travelling to other cities

Bournemouth Station, located at the heart of the city, offers convenient options from frequent buses to the town centre and the airport; connection with National Express coach routes to direct trains to London, Manchester, Southampton, Oxford, and many other cities.

Bournemouth Station is the travel hub of the city

Like many cities in the UK, Bournemouth has a bus network connecting different parts of the towns and cities. The two most popular brands are UniBus, More Bus and Yellow Bus. Students can get a bus discount, Railcard or Coachcard to save up to a third on the travel.

Eco-friendly ways to enjoy the city

Bournemouth is also an ideal place to ride a bicycle or scooter along the coast while enjoying the beautiful beaches if you want to explore the city in more environmentally friendly ways. The city has Beryl – a cycle/scooter hire scheme, which allows people to pick up a bicycle /scooter from a docking station for a small cost.

Beryl’s bikes/scooters can easily be found in many places in the city

Whatever means of transport you prefer, Bournemouth offers great options to make your journey to explore the local area and the UK easier and more enjoyable.

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