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BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Anthropology

I’m an international student from Malaysia currently in my second year studying BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Anthropology at Bournemouth University. I have joined the Global Talent Programme (GTP) during my first year at Uni because it is a great opportunity for me to stay active and get involved with great events.

My Global Talent Programme Board


GTP Award by definition is the unique extracurricular award by BU developed with employers and recognised across the sector as a leading innovation in employability and international education. I would honestly say, alongside gaining good experiences from completing this award, it will look good on your CV as well!

Undergraduate (UG) Global Talent Award is divided into 3 badges. For each of these badges, you will need to undertake at least one core activity and two optional activities from the list of activities for these badges.


Global Citizen Badge

Firstly, Global Citizen Badge. It represents the first stage of GTP. This badge gives you the opportunity to develop an understanding of key global economic, environmental and societal themes and the concept of Global Talent. For this badge, I have completed the core activity: Global Mindset in the Workplace, and other two optional activities which are, Global Talent Game – Mindsets and completing ‘Understanding your Strengths and Skills’ e-learning programme.


Collaborative Player Badge

The second badge and second stage of GTP is the Collaborative Player Badge. Here you will be exposed with more opportunity from a multitude of international contexts through global communities and events on campus. This badge features activities from Sports, Arts, Community and Culture, which will help you to develop a set of ‘Global Heartset’ attributes. For example, sensitivity, openness and understanding diversity. I have completed the core activity: Global Heartsets Masterclass and the other 2 optional activities are by being a Student Ambassador and getting involved with Nerve Media – Check out my podcast here under Nerve Podcasts! – https://anchor.fm/theuniversepodcast


Skilled Practitioner Badge

Lastly, the third badge and the final stage of GTP is the Skilled Practitioner Badge. This stage features activities from the Professional and Personal Development activity cluster and will help you gain practical experience, plan your career and learn how to demonstrate your achievements and true potential in a highly competitive workplace. For this badge, I have completed the core activity: Global Skillset Masterclass, and other 2 optional activities, which are, create and develop your Linkedin profile and become a SUBU Part-time or Executive Officer (I am the part-time Officer for the Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Campaign at SUBU).

Overall, I have gained lots of incredible experiences throughout my GTP journey. I have learned a lot of skills and attending their talks which were hosted by professional from various sectors were truly great opportunities.

SUBU Executive and Part-time Officers (19/20)


BU has given me a lot of opportunities and supports throughout my study so far and I’m looking forward to achieving more. If you have interest in signing up for the Global Talent Programme award, do go for it! You won’t regret it. Sign up here: https://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/students/things-do/global-talent-programme/sign-log

Thank you for reading, have a good day!


Ayra H.



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