My top tips for wellbeing for winter

Whilst winter brings with it joyous celebrations and sometimes the biggest sense of community, it also brings earlier sunsets and colder days. It’s common to feel gloomier and more alone around the season, although there are so many ways to improve this! This blog will centre around the best ways to improve your mental and… Read more » about My top tips for wellbeing for winter

Emily with photos of the local area and the words best places in Bournemouth

The best places to visit in Bournemouth, UK

Hiya! One of the big reasons I chose to come to BU was because of it’s location! There’s so much to do and so many places to explore, in this video I run through some of my favourite spots so hopefully it gets you excited to get outside and explore the local area. Emily 🙂… Read more » about The best places to visit in Bournemouth, UK

Food in Bournemouth

Here are some highlights of favourite food spots in Bournemouth, many of which do student discount/ discount days… great food at a great price, what more could you ask for?! Conto Lounge Situated along Winton high street, this dog friendly café has recently undergone refurbishment, and is now looking better than ever. It does all… Read more » about Food in Bournemouth

Bournemouth for free

  It can be hard adjusting to living on a student budget. You may find yourself in the tricky situation of having to entertain yourself during the day without parting with any beloved pennies. Luckily, Bournemouth has a few freebies to offer for these troublesome times, so there is no fear of being stuck at… Read more » about Bournemouth for free