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Msc Nutrition and Behaviour

Postgraduate degrees are designed to be subject focused. With a timeline of just a year to complete the degree, it is also possible to get opportunities to study subjects that touch on other aspects of student development. That’s where the Global Talent Program comes in. It is aimed at development of soft skills that can help provide an edge in the job market and an all rounded student experience. It is well designed and has lots of activities which are fun and informative and can be completed in a reasonable length of time.

When I started doing the program, I involved myself in lots of activities that helped me improve in my non-academic areas of professional life. There is a mix of activities that require you to either attend informative workshops or do online modules at home.

There are four badges and each badge requires completion of minimum three activities. And completing each badge gives a sense of achievement that comes from learning new things.

I attended few core events in person due to my class and work schedule, however, there are many online modules that helped me in my self-development. The best thing about the program is the diversity of themes – there are activities related to career development, sports, arts, music, volunteering etc. Each activity helps develop and improve different skills. No task feels like an assignment, but rather a fun learning experience.

There are different levels of activities from simple tasks as completing an online reading and note-making skills module to attending an international summer school.

Before starting the program, I made a list of activities I wanted to focus on and improve. Then I set aside certain days where I took a break from my studies and completed different activities. I also discovered different channels useful for students through the program (like the Skills4StudyCampus) and even got my CV approved by a careers’ advisor. I would encourage all students to consider completing the Global Talent Program. It is definitely an asset that will set you apart from other students.