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BA (Hons) Tourism Management


My name is Diman Velev, I am originally from Bulgaria, and I came to the UK in September 2015 to study Tourism Management. I chose Bournemouth University because it was the best place to study Tourism Management and I’ve always wanted to study abroad. So far studying and working abroad has been a really positive experience for me and has helped to boost my confidence with engaging with people and it has also helped me to better understand the English culture and to integrate over here a lot faster.

It’s very useful to try to find a part-time job that is related to your course – you will better understand the industry and this will help you with your studies and future career plans. My course is linked to the hospitality sector and I have between 10h-14h of classes a week which means that with good time management I’ve been able to work without it affecting my studies.

During the first year of my studies I worked in the hospitality sector – as a waiter, bartender, promoter and DJ. The work is hard but pays off. Working in a variety of different venues meant I met different people from all over the world – all of them have their own story and culture. Working together enriched my general knowledge and gave me more accurate idea of where am I located on the social ladder. I made a lot of friends and saved some money so I didn’t have to ask my parents to support me financially.

My advice would be to always go for the best thing for you even if it means leaving your home country. Getting out of your comfort zone helps you to grow as a person. Over the past year I have completely changed for the better; I can say that it’s hard to be far away from your home and family but this is exactly what helps you to move forward and develop your personality.

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  1. Abed

    Hello Guy.I am interested in your history.It is very good.Can I get your mail? I need some informations related to this country as far as the university is concerned.So that I can apply to attempt my chance at gaining a scholarship.thank you Diman.


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