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Diwali is a religious festival of lights that originated in India which takes place annually, marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year, and this year is celebrated from the 13-16th November. The tradition is celebrated not just by Hindus, but across many religions across the globe, but Diwali honours the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. The lights, lamps and lanterns used to celebrate the occasions believed to help the goddess find her way into people’s homes to bring prosperity for the year to come.

Now, it is no surprise to anyone that Diwali celebrations are going to look very different this year – 2020 made sure of that. This might mean connecting with your friends and families via a video calling platform such as zoom.  The effects of global pandemic have meant the virtual replacements of holidays and celebrations are something we are all getting pretty familiar with. Here are some ways to celebrate Diwali, 2020 style.

Check out a virtual festival
In light of (see what I did there?! Yes awful puns are what its come to) coronavirus, many Diwali celebrations are heading online meaning that while it is a bit of the ordinary, you can still celebrate Diwali from the comfort of your own home (in pyjamas!) Another great thing about these types of celebrations is that they can be enjoyed by many more people nationwide, as they are accessible online. In this particular digital celebration run in place of Aylesbury annual Diwali festival, there is also the opportunity to be involved in a “passing the Diya/Tea-light clip” where you can record a short video of yourself to be edited and included in the live stream event! Find out more details here. This particular organisation is running the free virtual Diwali celebration on Sunday 8th and Saturday 14th November so why not give it a go!
Leicester will also be switching on their lights in celebration of Diwali along the city’s golden mile by electronic timer instead of in person, this online event that can be accessed here.

Decorate your home/living space
As many of us are spending more time at home than ever in 2020, one way to celebrate Diwali would be to decorate your house to honour the event. Think coloured craft materials like paper, fairy lights, tea light candles, mason jars and other homely, inexpensive and sustainable things that you could use. Take a look at some of these amazing ideas for some Diwali DIY!

Get making some Diwali sweet treats
Why not try making some of your own Diwali inspired sweet treats? @foodie_shiva over on Instagram has some great recipes to follow along with a variety of great recipes online, such as these festive cardamom and saffron cupcakes, perfect for munching on while checking out one of the virtual festivals!

Fireworks are usually a big part of Diwali celebrations, and this is no doubt going to be very different this year. However, you can still enjoy some fireworks by attending one of the online events mentioned above from the comfort of your own home! I will also be celebrating by doing some little sparklers in my garden with my family in my household.








However you decide to adapt your Diwali celebrations this year, or even if you are new to celebrating the festival, I hope that you enjoy your 2020 style celebrations!


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