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BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

Be ahead of the game and fully-prepared for placement year by reading this short blog, where I cover applying, the role, location, rent and advice. Placement year comes round so quick so make sure you’re forward thinking as soon as you go into second year!

Applying – to make sure you have a placement lined up for you after second year, you’ll have to start applying for jobs alongside your studies. For those really wanting to put everything into their applications, it’s good to spend a couple of hours on each role so make sure you set some time aside.

The role – you may want to go into marketing but that includes a number of role titles. When you search for jobs, use different variations such as Marketing Executive, Marketing Associate or Marketing Intern. These all tend to cover the same responsibilities and will open more results for you to apply for.

Location – this can be one of the most exciting aspects of placement year! Some may go back home, wherever home may be, or try somewhere new for a year. London is an obvious choice for many looking for big brands or a fast paced lifestyle. Also consider places such as Birmingham, Manchester and other big cities.

Rent – with new locations come new housing situations. My advice would be to move to the big city with other friends on placement, or other students, in a house share. There are platforms such as SpareRoom to find like minded people that want a place for the year which are also really helpful.

Advice – even though you’re not physically at uni doesn’t mean they’re not there to help you out, during placement year. Placement advisors are always on hand if you have any questions or issues, as well as the odd review to make sure everything’s going ok.

For more information on the placement process, theres loads of people at BU you can speak to. Either head over to the Career Hub next to the library or go see an academic advisor. Lecturers are also so helpful in pointing you in the right direction and giving you all the tips and tricks you may need to applying or London living. Good luck!

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