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As a university student, some of the apps that you can get which just make life a little easier for yourself, are incredible.

Here are ten of the most essential apps that you may need as a Bournemouth University student.

Student Discount Apps – StudentBeans, Totum and UniDays

In addition to having your student identification card, which can serve you some discounts across Bournemouth, these apps can get you discount for almost anything. Ranging from food and clothes to hotels and tickets, there is a discount code for everything. Simply sign up with your student email to access all of these discounts. Some come with a charge, such as Totum, but others, such as StudentBeans and UniDays, are free.

Pulse (Brightspace)

The easiest way to access your course information, such as assignment briefs and lectures, while on your own is through the Pulse app. It makes finding things on the go so much quicker and easier. Having your course in the palm of your hand makes things a lot more efficient.


Similarly, the quickest way to access your timetable and the news regarding BU, among other features, is through the iBU app. The whole campus is tucked away in your phone, and at the touch of the button you can access everything that you need.


Wanting to set up your career path for employers to see? Wanting to share your life experience with the world around you? Then LinkedIn is the app that you need. The social media that is dedicated to jobs and business will prepare you for when it comes to finding that dream career.


To communicate with the people on your course, and people at Bournemouth University, Facebook is the go-t0-app. With group chats, group pages and conversations everywhere, Facebook is the ultimate place to keep up to date with everything that is happening at Bournemouth University.

United Taxis

For those nights out, United Taxis is the easiest way to get home. Taxis don’t cost too much money, and they are efficient in getting you safely from the club to your home. It’s better to stay safe and pay the fare than take a risk and walk. The United Taxis app is the perfect and quick method of getting transportation.


When times get tough, and you need a break from the world around you, Netflix is the way to go. Filled with television series and films galore, you will never run out of options. You can watch with your housemates, or on your own, but it is always good to take a break from your studies.


The essentials for University are one click away with Amazon. With a six month free trial of Amazon Prime, which you can get from the student discount apps, you can get unlimited next day deliveries on all of your day to day necessities.

Bank Account Apps

The easiest and most efficient way of checking your bank balance and transferring money is with your representative banking app. Without it, it can be a struggle to maintain your money without spending too much. Make sure you can get online banking, and then your money is with you all the time.

Microsoft Outlook

If you want to be able to access your emails on your phone, then Microsoft Outlook is what you need. With this app, you can find all of your University emails and keep up to date with everything without even needing access to a computer or a laptop.

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