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The coronavirus pandemic is a period of uncertainty and a time to stay at home. It is important that we are keeping ourselves healthy and ensuring the protection of our health services. A great way to help keep our bodies healthy while at home is to ensure we are consuming enough nutritional foods and vitamins to boost our immune systems!

Here is a list of a few foods and drinks that can help boost your immune systems and keep you healthy!


  • Citrus Fruits – oranges, lemons, limes – contains vitamin C and increases white blood cells which can help fight off colds/infections.
  • Low-fat yogurt – contains vitamin D and has probiotics which help stimulate the immune system and keep a healthy gut.
  • Almonds – contains vitamin E, magnesium and a great source of fibre- (a great snack or topping on yogurt).
  • Nuts – contains protein, healthy fats and vitamin E which can maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Vegetables – including broccoli is a source of vitamin A, C and E, including a source of fibre and antioxidants which can fight infections.
  • Carrots – contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant and helps with flu and colds.
  • Garlic – contains sulphur-compounds which helps fight off bacterial and viral infections (and great for flavouring food!).
  • Mushrooms – contains vitamin D which help the strength of the immune system and can help fight inflammation.
  • Sweet Potato – contains vitamin A and beta-carotene which can benefit your heart, vision and teeth as well as boost your immune system. They are also a great source of fibre.
  • Eggs – a healthy source of protein, providing nutrients that the body needs to produce energy. Eggs contain vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and selenium which all boost immunity.
  • Oily Fish – such as salmon, tuna, mackerel contains omega-3 fatty acids which help increase white blood cells and protects the body from infections.
  • Chicken – a lean source of protein and contains vitamin B6 which is also a good boost for your immune system.


  • Water – plenty of it to keep your body hydrated! 
  • Lemon Water – contains vitamin C and can help with colds and sinus issues, whilst adding more flavour to water!
  • Green Tea – contains antioxidants called Polyphenols, which can help protect your body against infections, viruses and sickness.
  • Ginger Shots/Tea – an anti-inflammatory/antioxidant that supports digestion and helps reduce sickness, stomach pains, sore throats and boosts your immune system.

Additionally, you can also incorporate vitamin supplements for extra nutrition in your diet. Here are some vitamin supplements that you can include:

Vitamin Supplements:

  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant that can help the body fight off infections.
  • Vitamin D – helps absorb calcium which can help with bone, teeth and muscle support. It best to have this supplement in autumn and winter as you have less exposure to sunlight during this period.
  • Vitamin C – is helpful for growth and repair of body tissues, and overall boost of immunity.

I hope this helps and gives you a little bit of inspiration into what you can incorporate into your diet! Hoping everyone is healthy, happy and safe during this difficult time!


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