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Adjusting to working from home is a super valuable skill to learn whilst at university… and is something the vast majority of us have had to do in light of recent events. It can be difficult to transition from working in an office, library or any other work-accustomed environment that you are used to being productive in, to working at home; a place you usually associate with rest after long working days. But this transition needn’t be so difficult, as while it may take time for your mind to adjust, you will get used to your new workspace. Here are some tips on adjusting to working from home.

  1. Follow your usual routine as closely as you can. This means waking up at your usual time, and getting showered, dressed and ready as you usually would. This, of course, doesn’t need to be your usual work day-to-day outfits, but even a pair of joggers and a fresh t-shirt will help you get into a productive frame of mind better than your pyjamas would. If you usually commute to work, use this time as you would during your commute. What do you usually like to do during this time? Do you listen to a podcast, some music maybe on your way to work? Keep to those habits. Or maybe replace it with something new? Whatever you choose, try to keep your ‘commute time’ exactly that, as it will get you into a good frame of mind.
  2. Create a workspace as similar as possible to your normal one. For me this is my dining room table that I have turned into my desk seeing as I don’t have a proper desk at home. I like it especially because it is very close to unlimited tea and snacks facilities. I have also found taking regular breaks very useful, I have been using the 40/20 method where you do 40 minutes of work, followed by a 20 minute break. This can be adjusted according to how you work, but personally I have a fairly short attention span and 40 minutes is just about enough for me before I need a break!
  3. Keep active. This can be very difficult when you are staying at home, however moving your body will help you massively. How about trying something new… I have been using Boho Beautiful’s yoga channel on YouTube to replace my yoga classes I used to attend weekly. There are so many sources of home workouts too that only require body weight and some space in your living room. Try and allow yourself at least 30 minutes of movement a day.
  4. Eat well. Take time to make meals that you will enjoy. How about trying cooking if you never do usually? Eating nutritiously will make you feel better in the long run… keep your eyes peeled on our blog for the best quarantine recipes!

My last piece of advice for adjusting to working from home during this crazy situation is to just be patient with yourself. Everyone adapts to changing situations differently. While these are some tips to follow…  don’t get hung up on routines that you have seen online/ feel that you have to follow a specific schedule to achieve productivity. Looking after wellbeing during lockdown is just as important as productivity!

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