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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

It has been seven months since starting my undergraduate life at Bournemouth University. Upon arrival and unlocking the door to my room, I was unable to contain my excitement for the new life I was beginning. And it has been the busiest, life-fulfilling, and opportunity giving experience thus far.

Editing videos in BAMMJ Broadcast Journalism Class – Image by: Hussein M.

BA Hons Multimedia Journalism is not just a course, it is an adventure. Earlier this year, I described the course as, “a cooking show where every day brought its own set of challenges and learning experience.” Between my first and starting of the second semester, we weren’t trapped in lecture rooms for weeks on end. Even if we were, our lectures set up open discussions, activities, as well as utilizing current, real-life examples to keep us engaged.

However the fun, yet comfort-breaking, activities involve the projects we have to do. Going out into town to find stories, to communicate with people and listen to what they have to say is the interesting part. It teaches me the phrase, “at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” No matter what topic I choose to write about, somehow I get the chance to learn something in the journalistic aspect and in my overall real-life views.

Going Out Into Town for Content – Image by: Oliver M.

To break it down: News and Online taught me the practicalities of journalism. How to write, find, and produce news pieces. Media, Journalism, and Society shaped the concepts and history of what Journalism is all about; especially its relation to people, society, and complexities beyond writing a news or feature story. Shorthand is a whole new written language that I have begun incorporating into my life. It’s like a secret message that makes us feel exclusive. Media Law highlights the judicial system and draws the lines of input and control journalists have, which gives us a sense of empowerment. Public Affairs, for an international student, is finally getting the ability to understand how the UK came to be in terms of their government, healthcare, and other services. Lastly, Features and Online is a fun, story-telling type of Journalism that taps into our interests and expands them through interviews and deep research.

Nerve Radio Booth – Image by: Hussein M.

Though jumping off from my course, there have been other opportunities given to me left and right. The one opportunity I have taken under my wing is the community radio that is set up on campus. In March, the shows will be taken to the next level with an event called FM. This is a chance to showcase ourselves with going live onto the mainstream radio wavelengths. Moreover, almost every week SUBU has some form of event or fair that they set up. From Black Awareness Month to LGBT recognition, SUBU sheds light and support on every community and provides resources for those who need it. The most recent event was the Mental Health Fair where we are able to find people that could help provide support to those who require it.

Mental Health Fair Coloring Booth – Image by: Hussein M.

On top of everything, working with the university to create content on the BU International Instagram page and uploading blogs like this one, enhances my uni experience. It allows me to work on the things I am passionate about. Writing, photography, content creating enforces my creative side to be useful beyond my education.

However, even with my course, work, and extracurriculars, the overall experience of Bournemouth is the cherry on top. From constant visits to the beach, partying with my friends, drinking coffee, or even going to Lidl (discount supermarket!), there’s always something to do to fill the time I have.

Bournemouth Beach – Image by: Hussein M.


Everything given to me has made my university life filled with stories to share. Building my portfolio for my future and the education I get shapes me into being a journalist more and more every day. I am looking forward to what the rest of this semester and upcoming years at BU will give me.

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