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I first came to the UK in September, as the autumn season was beginning. I was lucky to experience the gentle transition from the warm, sunny summer to the cool winds, slowly having a chilly bite. Perhaps because of the nostalgia I have with being new in the country and starting a new university, I love autumn and all that it brings.

Being too cold to smile at New Forest, Autumn 2019

The first obvious things to notice, are the changes in landscape. All the trees that were once full and green begin turning a soft shade of yellow, then brown, and eventually fills the street with lots of leaves. The temperature drops and days get more and more cloudy. That can be quite a downer, but it’s the perfect time to make that steaming cup of tea and curl up with the book. I personally love getting cosy and warm and watching the leaves fall with the rain.

We are now entering the Winter months. The trees are mainly bare and it is definitely very cold!  You need a good coat, warm boots, a hat, gloves and a scarf! Having come from India, it’s quite hard to get used to the lack of sunshine during this season. People often experience seasonal affective disorder due to the lack of sunlight. I personally experienced a Vitamin D deficiency, and had to take care of myself. BU’s welfare department has lots of facilities that help in these circumstances, and both mental and physical health are well tended to.

The autumn and winter months however, is no dull period. BU lights up in the celebration of all the different festivals, such as Halloween, with BU also celebrating Diwali in November. Around mid-November, Christmas decorations go up around town, and the cafés and restaurants have updated menus with cinnamon-y joy.

These last few months for me has come to mean a change of colours around me, warm layers of t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and scarves, and cosy evenings. The season my seem bleak and dull, but with the right plans and the right people, it can be the perfect opportunity to gather around a fire and tell lovely stories.


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