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BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

At this year’s Journalism Careers Forum more than 10 BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism graduates, who are now working industry professionals, spoke with current  students.

The aspiring journalists had the opportunity to receive valuable advice and insights on how the industry operates. They chatted with the professionals over a cup of hot tea/coffee.

The forum brought together recent graduates, as well as seasoned journalists.

As a final year BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism student myself, I found this an invaluable experience that really gave me an opportunity to ask all of the burning questions on my mind and gave me lots of clarity going into graduation.

At the conference, I asked the journalists for advice and here is an account of what I received:

Drew Miller-Hyndman, who has been working at the BBC for about a year now, said: “Say yes to everything. When applying to a journalism scheme or placement, do no let the numbers of the applications throw you off. The one who ends up getting the position, might be you.”

 Sarah Farmer commented on the importance of the NCTJs going into your journalism career: “ I think having those qualifications is really important. It proves your dedication to learning and being part of the industry.”

Tom Beasley, who graduated from BU in 2015, works as a freelance film journalist. He gave an insight in what it is like to be a freelance journalist: “Freelancing is not the job for anyone. But if it is the job for you, it is the best possible job in journalism.”

Greg Luckhurt, who graduated last year and is now working for the Daily Echo in Bournemouth as a Facebook Community reporter, gave his nugget of advice as well: “Take every opportunity that you can. Especially when you are starting out, not every job will be the job that you will want, but use it as your stepping stone and get used to the industry. Any links or contacts that you make with people, keep in touch with them as you never know when you will need that contact.”

Jacob Granger, who is a senior reporter at journalism.co.uk graduated in 2017 and left his piece of advice with the current students: “Know your worth, never sell yourself short, believe in yourself and never talk yourself out of a job application.”

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