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One of the biggest pressures students face is whether they will be able to land a job before they graduate. Where do you start? How do you impress employers? What skills are they looking for? Luckily, Bournemouth University has a Careers and Employability Service to help you out – before and after you graduate!

Whether you are looking for a job, placement or a study abroad during (or after) your degree, BU’s Careers and Employability team is always ready to help you get the essential skills that employers want. Ways they do this is through organising recruitment fairs on campus throughout the year, holding workshops (e.g. CV, job hunting), interview tips and setting up 1:1 appointments, if students need more specific advice. Below are the top features why Careers and Employability will help you land that job you have always wanted.

1. Job hunting

The best thing about the Careers and Employability service, and the one that I am currently using the most for job hunting is MyCareerHub, their online careers system. It has all the resources you need, from tips and tricks to be successful at interviews, to job hunting search engines and job prospects sorted by degree. The job hunting search engine is my favourite, as I often struggle to find jobs that fit my level of experience. MyCareerHub filters your results by jobs that would apply to a recent grad or a current university student, making it easy for you to know what is out there for students. This counts for full time/part-time jobs and placements.

Screenshot MyCareerHub | Taken by Jessica Grano de Oro


2. Get your CV and cover letter ready

MyCareerHub has lots of tools online to help you write your CV and Cover Letter to make yourself stand out to employers. Since I come from another country, my greatest worry is knowing whether I am introducing myself in the right way to employers, since it changes from one country to another. This is why I used the CV and Cover Letter booklet, which showed me examples of what other students in my degree did.

Other great tools on MyCareerHub are the Cover Letter builder, or, if you want advice on working abroad, there is a whole section dedicated to it, plus a search engine that lets you find jobs in any country you want.

3. Recruitment fairs

Last but not least, the Careers and Employment team organises recruitment fairs all year round, which is the best chance to talk to employers face to face and maybe get hired on the spot! The best thing about these fairs is that employers come to Bournemouth University specifically to recruit and train students for their company, so you do not have the inexperience barrier with them.

Bournemouth University Spring Recruitment Fair | MyCareerHub

So there you have it. Contact Careers and Employability to learn what they can offer for you and best of luck with findings jobs!