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For lots of us, especially for the ones that like me are in their final year, the UK lockdown has had a huge impact on job hunting. Whether it is a grad role, part-time job or an internship that you are looking for, look no more, here are some great alternatives to job hunt during lockdown.


Remote Work

BU’s Careers and Employment team created a page with links dedicated to remote working and learning opportunities when lockdown started. The best ones so far for grad roles in my experience are Reed, LinkedIn and the Career Hub search engine, as they offer a huge amount of remote roles anywhere in the world and it lets you filter your search results to graduates or entry level jobs. Although Indeed is not listed in this selection, it is also a good place to find graduate roles, internships or part-time jobs.

For part-time jobs, Student Job is also quite good to use, though make sure you pair it up with the big search engines as the search is not always as vast with some industry fields.

Of course, these sites mainly offer remote or working from home opportunities, which in the case of Media is quite good, because there are lots of roles you can do remotely, since most of the time you are using your laptop. However, this might not be the case for all industries.

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Freelance is really good as not only does it get you work, but it gives you the chance to build your own portfolio as well, which will be beneficial when you are looking for jobs or internships. Employment 4 Students has a page dedicated to freelance sites. People per Hour, Upwork and are among the most useful ones as they give you the choice to create a profile and lets you showcase your skills to employers, anywhere in the world.

Some of the job titles Freelance offers are Graphic Design, Copywriting and Tutoring, however there are many more so definitely check out this opportunity.

Screenshot People per Hour


This is probably not a paid opportunity, but it is another way of building your portfolio, gives you more experience and is a great way to give back to the community at the same time. Together We Can and SUBU offer voluntary opportunities to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Community Crisis Volunteers, sending out messages to people in need or supporting wildlife.

Brush up skills

Lastly, LinkedIn and Google are offering online courses to brush up your skills. Again, no paid opportunities here, but it is a nice way to keep yourself busy during lockdown and it shows commitment and self-drive to employers. My favourite is Coursera, which offers free accredited courses (on everything!) from universities around the world. So if you have ever wanted to study at Harvard now is your chance!

Screenshot Coursera


Hope this opens chances for all those of you looking for work out there. But definitely, check out the Careers and Employment team at BU to find out more!