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This is a guest blog by current student Kevin who studies BA (Hons) Media Production and applied through Clearing.

In the middle of my A-levels at Colchester Sixth form, Essex, I decided to apply to go to university. At the time I was studying English, Media Studies and Religious Studies but was mostly interested in continuing Media Studies for future education. Although I wanted to choose Bournemouth University, I didn’t apply since my predicted grades did not quite meet the entry requirements, so I selected alternative other options. I went to several Open Days at different universities but found it really difficult to feel excited or establish a connection which lead me to thinking I didn’t want to go to university anymore.

When results day came around I was nervous and worried in anticipation of getting my predicted grades as my final results. But somehow I managed to do much better than anyone had expected which gave me the opportunity to see if there was a way I could still get into Bournemouth university last minute! Bournemouth University is really well known for its media courses and held in really high regard so I felt ecstatic that I could try to apply.

I called up the Clearing number I found online and spoke to the advisers. Within five minutes I was put through to the media department team and they said I was in. I was so excited, since everything I wanted was starting to fall into place. After the phone call I took the risk of rejecting my firm choice university which I had successfully gotten into. At the time, everything was a new experience so I didn’t know that I didn’t have to take the risk and there was a safer option to switch universities (which is the Adjustment process). The Adjustment process is an opportunity for students who have met and exceeded the offer made to them by their firm choice university, to reconsider where and what to study. It’s considered a safe option as you don’t have to risk releasing yourself into Clearing and not getting another offer. You keep your offer and effectively shop around.  After my place was accepted the next problem I had to face was my finances since each finance varies and you don’t want the money to go to the wrong university. I decided to call back on the Clearing helpline number BU had and asked for some advice and they told exactly what to do step by step and the person stayed on the phone with me throughout to make sure I was doing everything currently. The made me feel less frantic and stressful since I was in control of everything. Bournemouth university helped me settle in and they guided me on what the next steps I should take which made me realise the whole process wasn’t as nerve racking and complicated as I thought because they don’t leave in you the dark to figure out everything for yourself.

Looking back on my experience I am grateful that the Clearing process was so simple and straight forward. If you are not sure of the process you can find out everything you need to know on the UCAS website.

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