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This is a guest blog by current student Nisa, who studies BSc (Hons) Forensic Biology and came through Clearing.

Speaking from experience, please do not stress yourself out if you find yourself looking for a university through Clearing. At first the whole process might seem daunting and very stressful, but if you take it bit by bit, it will seem like the most easiest thing in the world. I really recommend that anyone who is going through Clearing should have all information to hand so that the process is as smooth and stress free as possible. This includes, making sure you have your email address, UCAS number, telephone number, qualifications all written down.

Once you have gone through the Clearing process and applied to study at Bournemouth University, you’ll be invited to attend a Clearing Open Day. I highly recommend attending to those who aren’t local or have never visited Bournemouth, as this is the best opportunity to explore the university, your new home.  Even if you have attended an Open Day before, these specialised days provide you with an opportunity to ask any other questions you might have. The Clearing Open Day will consist of talks, tours of accommodation, the campuses and local amenities (both on foot and bus). You will also be able to meet with students going through the same process as you, as well as, talk to second year students who went through Clearing. 

For me, the Clearing Open Day began with a talk going through the next process, so any scholarships that may be applicable to me, accommodation that was available, overview of how to sort my student finance and more information on the facilities available (library, sports BU, finance aid etc.). After the talk, we had a tour of the Talbot Campus, the accommodation and facilities on site. Once the campus tour was done, the next agenda for us was to fill our stomach with the burgers that were provided, alongside with crisps and soda/water. With the Talbot Campus tour finished and with our stomachs satisfied, it was time for the bus tour. The bus tour went around Bournemouth and Lansdowne so that we were able to see exactly where the accommodation was and locations of popular amenities with the students, and of course not to forget, the beach! 

Although, I did not attend the tour for Lansdowne Campus (as this campus is for Health and Social Science courses) there was still the opportunity for me to go if I had wanted. All in all, it is a great opportunity to look around and get a feel for the university and what it has to offer. So if you’re thinking of applying to Bournemouth through Clearing come along for the day. This year the dates are:


Friday 16 August

Saturday 17 August

Wednesday 21 August

You can register your place on any of these events now!

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