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from India


LLM Intellectual Property Law

Choosing to do Intellectual Property Law as my Master’s Degree was a fairly simple choice for me. I wanted to do a course that would not pigeon hole me into one specific field, and the opportunities provided by IP in business, technology, creative media and more made it exciting. The most attractive feature I found in the course the Bournemouth University offered was the inclusion of International Dispute Resolution and Public International Law as core modules. As an international student, I found that having relatively general subjects such as these were a great way of understanding the academic culture here.

6 Months of Campus Heaven

Before the uncertainties of Covid-19 hit university life, I had 6 months of absolute fun on campus. We had lectures which were centred around teaching. We would also have seminars where the students would contribute in having discussions on contemporary world events, and how what we were learning explained or contradicted them. These were hours of great learning and our professors were more than happy to answer questions, however bizarre they may be. This open learning atmosphere was easy to thrive in, and I personally found them to be enriching.

Just before the beginning of a lecture- Spirits high, coffee cups full.

The most cherished part of my experience on campus was the assignments we wrote for our summative assessment at the end of the modules. This was almost a community activity, as I would see all my colleagues at the library for weeks on end before the deadline, working towards writing a good paper. We were there to support each other through questions and complex issues, and also to grab a cup of coffee when the words began to float before our eyes. These group studies would happen not only with IP students, but other LLMs as well, increasing the quality of discussion and bringing new perspectives to every conversation. I’ll never forget the sense of togetherness and learning that we created.

Tips on How to Prepare for This Course

The learning system is constructed in such a way that everything you need is provided here. However, I do think that some preparation before starting the course can really enhance the experience. I would suggest familiarising yourself with the EU and the UK’s legal structure, so as to not have to start from scratch.

Whether it is for IP or another LLM, there is great value in reading up landmark judgements and prevailing jurisprudence to understand the thought process behind legal analysis here. Although it is not entirely alien, this preparedness can really shorten the learning curve.

I will end by saying this experience has been fantastic, one I will keep close to my heart. I’ve learned a lot and have the University, my Professors, and my friends to thank.