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When I first arrived at Bournemouth University, I promised that I would try my best to immerse myself into my environment in order to make the most of the experience. What better way than to find a job at the university and gain valuable experience along the way? Whether it was a paid or unpaid role, I have learned so much more about myself as both an employee and an individual.

When discussing this blog post with my family and friends, the common question was: “How did you have the time to juggle so many jobs and completing your degree at the same time?” Time management and a genuine interest in expanding the skills, experiences, and tools needed to become a well-rounded employee for the future was my answer.

Over the past three years I have been involved in the following:

  • Member of the volleyball team B.
  • Student rep for my seminar group of Events Management students.
  • Senior Resident Assistant for ResLifeBU.
    In this role I had the chance to manage five members of my team to organise events to help improve the overall university experience. The events we organised were used to improve the social, well-being, and skills of first-year university students and as an Events Management student, this role was perfect!
  • Peer Assisted Learner for first-year Events Management students.
    Facilitated sessions for first-year students to help them with their studies. This really helped remind me of the knowledge I’d gained from modules in the previous year and was a great way to revise! It was also a great opportunity to meet people and build my leadership skills.
  • Ticket Sales Representative for The Old Fire Station (Student Union club).
  • Member of the Surf Therapy Programme.
  • Marketing & Events Executive as part of my placement year at Yomdel.
  • Student Content Producer (blogs & vlogs) for Bournemouth University.

The jobs listed above have truly helped me develop transferable skills that I can carry with me to any employment opportunity I may come across in the future. I’ve been able to add more experience to my CV and cover letters. But it’s not all about making your job applications look great!

I’ve made incredible friendships and professional connections through the jobs and roles I’ve undertaken, and it has improved my university experience to make me happier, healthier, and even discover a new way to approach my studies.

Application processes for each of these roles vary, but BU has been fantastic at helping me find my footing and preparing me for interviews that have allowed me to get my foot in the door. I would highly recommend using MyCareerHub as there are plenty of new job roles being advertised that you could apply for.

I suppose my main piece of advice is to have a chat with AskBU, the library, the careers centre, and find your passion. It allows for productive self-exploration that is bound to help with job hunting post-university and will give you that competitive edge you need to succeed.



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