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from India


MA Media and Communication

Hi! My name is Sujata Singh, from India, and I am studying MA Media and Communication. Bournemouth University has a diverse range of students from different parts of the world.

There’s also a lovely Indian community in Bournemouth, and here are some of my experiences:

Indian Friend Circle – I’m really happy with the fact that I have a really nice friendship group in Bournemouth, and a lot of them are fellow Indian students. There are 6 Indians in my group and we all share a really nice bond with each other. Three of us live in the same accommodation and the other three in a different hall of residence at BU.

Indian WhatsApp Group – Myself and the other Indian students have an Indian WhatsApp group which was made by the regional manager of India, who works at BU. There are around 35 students in the group for the year 2018-2019. The group was made in the month of June even before we came to University, so we got acquainted with each other and got a chance to know each other. It also helped us calm down our nerves during the difficult time of applying for Visas, booking our accommodation, flights and our basic concerns regarding moving abroad.

Indian Society – Bournemouth University also has an Indian society, which is a cultural society that everybody is welcome to join! The society organises lots of events throughout the year, and all the students in the society actively get involved in the events. I am the co-founder of the society and we organised events for Diwali last year and Holi this year.

Indian Get-togethers – The Indian students in Bournemouth go out for dinners and outings quite often. We usually try and find a date when everybody is free and then we go out for the day and find exciting things to do. We go clubbing on nights out as well. Recently we went to visit Corfe Castle in the Purbecks, and then had lunch together.

So, this is what the amazing Indian community is like at Bournemouth University. I hope this sounds exciting and that you also consider coming here and becoming an integral part of the Indian community in Bournemouth. Hopefully I’ll see you in Bournemouth soon!

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