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BA (Hons) Events Management

There are many misconceptions about university.

Some of you might think that uni students have lots of free time as we only have 8-10 hours of lecture/seminar time and the rest of the time it looks as though we just watch Netflix.

Others might think that due to the level of study, all we do is sit in the library 24/7 revising or working on our assignments.

Guess what – neither of those are correct. It’s true we have a lot of ‘free time’ due to the low amount of contact time but if you’re clever you use that time to work on your assignments so you can relax in the evenings/weekends.

Studio OneOf course your experience will depend on the course you decide to do. I can only tell you what my day to day university life looks like.

As I am in my final year the workload is a lot higher than before. Right now, I have two exams coming up and my dissertation to write so I spend most of my time at the library but it’s not as bad as it may seem. I try to keep to a 9am to 5pm kind of schedule (Monday – Friday) which means I can relax in the evening and spend some time with my friends or even just watch TV without feeling like I’m falling behind.

Of course, your degree should be one of the most important parts of your life however it is important to have fun too. I find that going to the gym helps me to relax after a long day at uni. Being a member of SportBU means I can go to my fitness classes as soon as I finish at the library and there is no excuse as the gym and library are just a few meters away from each other.

Night outOnce the week is over, there’s no better way of starting the weekend than spending time with your friends. We always try to do something different each week to keep it interesting. When we decide to go out the best place to be on a Friday night is The Old Fire Station our student union club as it’s full of students and it is free from all the crazy hen and stag do’s.

Food shoppingSaturdays are my food shopping days. Having my car at uni is useful as I can go on a massive food shopping trip with my housemates without worrying about carrying everything back. We normally get carried away with our shopping and buy way too much.

Sundays are my food prep days. I normally try to plan my lunch and dinners for the coming week and cook dinners for at least four days. I normally make easy things such as soups or veggie chilli and as we have microwaves at uni, I can just reheat my food and enjoy a homemade treat instead of spending £5 on lunch every day.

Each week is different and the above is just the usual structure Gigbut I always end up doing something spontaneous in the evenings such as midnight screenings at the cinema, or night walks by the beach especially when the nights get nice and warmer.

There is always something happening in Bournemouth too. I am always keen to try new things and go to different events in the local area. I guess it also links with my Events Management degree – I put going to events and having fun as part of my research 😉

I tend to go to events over the weekend, recently I have been to a Vegan Fair with one of my housemates which was fun as we tried so much new food.

And when the weather is nice I tend to spend more time outside and go for a picnic by Corfe Castle or a walk along Durdle Door.

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