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Book-smallChoosing a degree isn’t always easy, and sometimes although you want to go to university you may not understand which degree is right for you. Sometimes you have no idea what you want to do or find yourself struggling to pick between multiple subjects. It could even be that you have a career in mind but no idea what degree is best to get you there. These are the thoughts that many students have before coming to university, so don’t think you’re in this boat alone.

It’s important to never let anyone pressure you into decisions you’re likely to regret, or copy a friend for no other reason than to be close to them. Degrees can be 3-4 years long, so it’s important to pick something you enjoy or feel passionate about. It could simply be something you find yourself being good at. You will find yourself becoming naturally enthusiastic about further education and potential careers, something transparent when you finally enter the real world and go to job interviews after graduating.

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BU Team Building

On that note, find out what career prospects each course entails and work towards something you would love to achieve or become. You will likely find there is more than just one type of degree that will get you there, and postgraduate masters degrees offer you the opportunities to focus even further into the subject of your choosing, so it’s always a thought you may leave lingering in the back of your mind. You may even find that along your university journey you become inspired to do something different than you originally planned. That’s completely fine, and lots of people do just that so try not to be scared thinking you’re not allowed to change your mind.

Each university structures their courses differently, containing different content so find out what the course entails across the multiple years of study,

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question what you will learn and help yourself by choosing the right degree. Never be afraid to ask for advice or opinions of academics and students on what degree to choose and remove the stigma of it being this ‘daunting experience’ and replace it with excitement of the prospect of going to university. If you still find yourself stuck, contact the university and they can provide further information and help you make the correct decisions.

You will always be skeptical and nervous about if you have chosen the correct degree, I’m 4 years into mine and sometimes feel the same. But if you enjoy what you learn. Feel passionate about what you want to become or achieve then you should trust your intuition, more often than not it makes the correct decisions for you.

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