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BA (Hons) Communications and Media

Recently,  I was able to get involved with Nerve Radio as my friends Tia, Dee and Yasmine run their own radio show! I am a BA (Hons) Communication and Media student and was lucky enough to make an appearance on Valentines day so it gave us a topic to speak about all the way through. I took over their radio show “The Student Bible,” with Yasmine, as Tia and Dee were unable to attend.

Nerve Radio show is a student radio in which media students are able to get involved with and it plays through the SUBU building. Even being a student radio, my parents who live in Saudi Arabia were able to listen to it in the car.

Nerve Media is run by Bournemouth University students that includes Nerve Now, Nerve Magazine, Nerve Radio Show, Nerve Television, Nerve News and Nerve Tech Team. You are able to get involved with any section of the media that you would like and that fits your course. Last year I wrote for Nerve Magazine, where you can write anything lifestyle, Uni life, sports and more. Here is a post I wrote about Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017 – https://nervemedia.org.uk/nerve/victoria-secret-fashion-show-2017-review/.

Throughout the Radio show we spoke about various of different topics. We began by playing a little game to introduce me to the audience. I had to answer questions such as “what is your biggest fear?” “What is your least embarrassing moment?” Or “What is an interesting fact that not everybody will know about you?” We then went on to speak about various Valentines Day topics including, last minute date ideas and our worst date experiences. While our show was on air, my recent post about ‘Long distant relationships at University’ went live!

You would think that going live on Radio with lots of students sat in SUBU listening would be extremely scary, but once you get going there is nothing to be scared about. While the music is playing you are able to organise what to talk about next, which makes it less stressful to organise before you go live.

If you are a media student and are thinking of getting involved with Nerve Radio, join the page on Facebook and message the organiser. They are always looking for keen, motivated students to get involved with the Nerve Media organisation!


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