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By Michelle Lillywhite

2nd year BU Student, BA (Hons) Social Work

I remember when I first came to see Bournemouth University – it was a lovely sunny day in September and after driving down from London I suddenly felt really out of my depth and kept asking myself ‘what did I think I was doing?’. I hadn’t been nervous in a long time plus I knew most people were going to be with their parents and it was just me on my own (well I was 35!).

Then I walked into Bournemouth House on Lansdowne Campus and was greeted by students who were working. I remember looking at them and thinking how nice it was that they were so positive about being a student and what it meant to them – so much so that when I started here the year after I immediately applied to be a student ambassador.

I like to greet people on open days and say hello and remind them if they need any help then to ask one of us in the bright pink T-shirts – and they do all day which is so nice. I say with pride that I am a second year on the Social Work programme and then usually a conversation takes place about the course and accommodation and the nightlife too.

Being a student ambassador gives me the opportunity to show visitors that I know how nervous you can feel at that open day and that that’s ok, and that for all the will in the world the realities of being a student are not always the same as the power point slides you see – and that’s the perspective we bring – the reality.

It’s not just about campus open days though, I have also been to other colleges and spoken to young people about coming to university and how you apply and of course I tell them why they should choose Bournemouth – who wouldn’t want three years by the beach!!

So if you are reading this before coming to an open day – I’ll be at the front wearing pink guiding you to registration for the day – make sure you ask anyone of us anything you need to know and please enjoy your day!

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  1. lola

    I am a Nigerian, and i just got through with school.all my dream is to school outside country.I dont know if BU can help me get into theirs without stress.e.g,accommodation e.t.c


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