Top 5 places to go around Bournemouth during Summer Holiday

It’s summer holiday! I’m sure most of you are excited to spend your summer break with friends and/family in the sunshine, and I am personally very excited to go to the beach and hang out with my friends. As the beach is a must to go to during the summer, I will be sharing 5… Read more »

Summer breeze

I am Sandra Achim from Romania and I am currently studying an MSc Events Management course at Bournemouth University. One of the best things about coming to study here is the area and the summer. Organising my studies to enjoy the beach! Summer is undoubtedly my favourite season of the year. Since I have lived… Read more »

Enjoying the sun whilst writing my thesis

Hi! I’m Nikki. I’m originally from the Netherlands and came all the way to Bournemouth to study an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. After I arrived in Bournemouth in September last year, the weather quickly turned into winter. As I’m not leaving until September this year, I get to see a lovely summer in… Read more »

Summer vibes in the UK

My name is Martina and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate student in MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. I finished my classes at the end of May, but because I had to write a dissertation, I decided to stay in Bournemouth for the summer. Between, the relaxing days at the beach, the amazing English spirit of… Read more »