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Bruna Tolomeli

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil studying a Master’s in Post Production Editing here at BU since September 2017. Deciding to engage into a Master’s degree was a turning moment in my life. Choosing which university was the best fit for me was hard work. I started looking for options very early on. Studying in a foreign country requires a lot of planning because it takes a while to get all the documents sorted.

List your priorities

 To choose the right course, I made a list of what was extremely important to me personally – studying in an English-speaking country, having a hands-on course (without neglecting theory) and being able to create a strong network. After doing a massive amount of research about universities all around the world, I chose to apply to MA Post Production Editing at BU.

Great balance of theory and practice

The first thing that attracted me to BU was the balance between theory and practice within the course and the worldwide recognition that the university has in terms of film degrees. Bournemouth University is made up of reputable and approachable faculty members who are always available for  problem solving and guiding students – from the moment you start applying to become a student at BU all the way through to after you graduate.

Choose a degree that motivates you

I chose MA Post Production Editing because it was the course that motivated me the most. What I liked about the course was that it actively linked you up with people from other courses such as directing, screenwriting and cinematography. I like to think that this is a small replica of how the industry works.

Most of our projects are made in collaboration with these other courses and in consequence we end up creating a strong network of people from all over the world who are also passionate about film. This specific aspect of the course caught my attention. However, there were other elements which also helped me make my decision.

A University that transforms

The moment I decided that studying at BU was the smartest decision I have ever made, was when I was interviewed by the Framework Leader for my course. I expected the interview to be frightening and that it would only focus on me and my aptitudes.

Little did I know that I was going to have an incredible exchange of information with him – learning about the university, the faculty members and how my course would be set up. He was both passionate and confident about his work. I understood then, that being a part of Bournemouth University was not just becoming a student, but being proud of having chosen a university that transforms individuals into better people.

Written by Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil), MA Post Production Editing