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Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil)

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil studying a master’s in Post Production Editing at BU since September 2017. My course requires working with specific software, big screens, and having a lot of concentration.

Everything you need

We usually work with the director of the film and sometimes the producer is also involved with the editing. BU provides us with editing suites – rooms that can be booked online and used by students to work on their editing projects. The suites are fully equipped with all the technology we need for our projects. They have computers, big TV displays, sound equipment and software.

Edit with ease

Having a professional space where I can dedicate myself to my work without interruptions (and have whoever I need/want to work alongside with me) makes our work flow smoother. In addition, it is favourable to work on projects on campus because if there are any issues with the project or major doubts, there will always be teachers, staff and students around to help. It is easier to work when you have the appropriate infrastructure.

Enhance Your Experience

The process of editing is intense. An editor can be seated for long hours at a time while working. If I didn’t have the option to work in the BU editing suites, I would have to work at home (which I usually prefer). However, when it comes to editing for days at a time, it can be quite suffocating. Once I finish work I want to relax at home, but that can be frustrating when home and work are the same place. Having my own professional workspace means I don’t need to work from my small room.

I spent two weeks going to the editing suites practically every day during my first term and I am glad I had the opportunity to reap the benefits that came with it. Each course has its own specificity and most have a workspace dedicated exclusively for them. I encourage everyone, from any programme, to take full advantage of the BU facilities to maximise their academic achievement.

By Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production Editing, 2017/18