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Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil)

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil studying a master’s in Post Production Editing here at BU since September 2017. I come from a big city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, where my routine was chaotic, intense and full of life. Moving to a smaller city worried me, since I am used to having countless options of leisure activities to do. I was surprised to see how much Bournemouth has to offer regarding social life!

A night in with friends is just the start

Most of students live either in halls or shared flats with other students. This is an incredible opportunity to integrate with student social life. After you move in, you will start getting to know your flatmates and neighbours. You will soon find people with whom you feel connected and intimate, paving the way for sharing experiences with your new groups of friends.

In halls, there are always opportunities to join dinners and parties in friends’ kitchens. It’s a nice way to relieve the stress from your studies and relax with your friends. I, for instance, get together at least once a week with my friends and we all cook together. We exchange recipes from all around the world. It is extremely nutritious and fun!

Embracing the pub tradition

Staying in can be nice and cosy but going out for drinks is also super fun! Usually, I get together with my friends at very popular English pubs, such as the Wetherspoons – a pub chain known throughout England. The act of going to pubs is a leisure activity embedded within the English culture. Being a foreigner and sharing the same experiences as the locals makes me feel integrated with their culture and society.

Shake, shake!

Every now and then though, I get the urge to go out dancing! Bournemouth is mainly populated by students. Therefore, the city is well equipped to keep us entertained. There are countless club options of all varieties and for all preferences. Each club has a different style and each day of the week there are different themes to satisfy all tastes. If you are not exactly sure which type of music you would like to dance along with, try heading to Cameo where they have six different dance rooms! If you like to go out regularly, I strongly recommend you get an A-List Student Card which provides you with discounts in clubs, restaurants and even gyms!

A bit of fresh air

Sometimes, I prefer to spend my weekends near nature. I rent bikes with friends and have long rides along the beach, exploring different paths and discovering new attractions.

Whether you are a party person or would rather relax with friends, Bournemouth will provide you with the ideal place to go or the perfect spot to explore.

Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production Editing, 2017/18