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Hello! I am Spiwe Ncube from Zimbabwe and I have just started my MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology at BU. I would like to share with you the highlights of my first week in Bournemouth and I hope it helps you in your journey to study at Bournemouth!

15 September 2017
Today was filled with overwhelming mixed emotions. I was so sad saying goodbye to my family, especially my children. There was also a feeling of excitement about going to BU to start my studies. This was my first time flying and going overseas. I was a bit nervous about the flying part, but once I was up in the air I was more relaxed about it. Hold up! That’s not to say that I had any sleep on the plane. Oh no, no!!

16 September 2017

I landed in London and, as I had booked the free airport pick-up service, I had less hassle trying to figure out how I was going to get to my accommodation. I can tell you this, though – Heathrow airport is HUGE! I had a very long walk from one terminal to another. The lady who welcomed us at the airport, Jackie, was a very lovely and welcoming person. She got us to the bus and gave us juice and snacks once we were on the road. She also gave us a welcome pack which included a free SIM card with preloaded 1GBP airtime, so we could call home to let them know we had arrived. The most important thing for me was that she gave us some peace and quiet…time to sleep… I had a short nap and when I woke up, we were driving through the New Forest. Oh my! That place is beautiful…the green nature, beautiful cottages and the horses and donkeys. A lovely route when you are overwhelmed with emotion as I was.

17 September 2017

I spent most of the day indoors. Jetlag… Thankfully my studio has a comfy double bed and I had managed to buy some bedding the day before from ASDA (which is right across the street from my accommodation). Did some cleaning and unpacking, all to make my new home as comfortable as I could… The result? Well I think I did a pretty good job.

18 September 2017

I had a few bus rides today. The buses are free for the week, so good for us. The unibuses are really cool, and the bus drivers are really friendly. I use the U1 buses and getting lost wasn’t really left as an option for me! The drivers are kind enough to answer any questions you may have about the routes or your stop. Also, some of the uni buses have a TV screen that shows and announces the next bus stop along the route to and from Talbot campus. Furthermore, if you are thinking you will miss your bus, think again… The unibus website has a platform for you to get real-time timetables of the buses. Ain’t that cool!!

19 September 2017
Free books anyone?!! For some of you who don’t like reading books much, this may not sound like exciting news! You are probably wondering who gives free books at BU. The Edge Student Development Centre will get any student excited about books. The staff there are superb, they are there to assist with information related to careers and employability. Not all books are free but there are also books which are loanable, just like in the library.

21 September 2017

I attended the International Commencement Ceremony. This is the night for all new International Students who join Bournemouth University. The glitz and glamour! You really must attend it to understand what I am trying to tell you. You would feel like you are at the Oscars! I was fortunate to have been sitting at the VIP tables with some local dignitaries. They are lovely people and I really enjoyed chatting to every one of them. They didn’t make me feel out of place at all. The guest speakers delivered their messages so passionately and with a hint of humour. It was such a wonderful evening and I am glad I did not miss it. Whatever your expectations would be of the event, when you attend it, trust me, it will exceed them. It is a ‘must’ for International Students to attend this event.

23 September 2017

Who loves FREEBIES?! Well, freebies at Fresher’s Fair are all up for grabs. This event is amazing! All the clubs and societies are there. There are companies and organisations that come to give students freebies, discounts and of course, market themselves at the same time. If you are looking for a part time job, if you are looking for the best place to get your food, clothes… whatever it is you are looking for, it’s all there. It is also a great way to spend time with your new-found friends. This is one other event you really do not want to miss as a Fresher…the Fresher’s Fair!