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Moving to a new place and starting a Master’s degree was intimidating enough, and that was before I had even begun to think about finding a part-time job. I ended up landing a job as a Student Ambassador at the University, and now that I’ve settled into the swing of things a bit more, I can definitely say that there have been benefits to having a part-time job while studying (in addition to having a few extra pounds to put towards my coffee habit…).

As my job in particular happens to be with the University, it’s given me a chance to get more familiar with the campus and all it offers, and it’s given me an opportunity to meet some fellow BU students as well! The added responsibilities have also forced me to stay organised: being more intentional with my time management routines, keeping a schedule, and staying on top of email communications are all important habits I’ve sharpened since taking on a part-time job.

Handling finances in a foreign country has also been a bit of an adventure; holding a part-time job as an international student has required me to do things I never thought I would deal with, like opening a bank account on my own, applying for a National Insurance Number, and getting far more familiar with money in a different currency.

While all of these things can be a bit stressful, there is plenty of help available – you just have to ask! The experience and exposure to new things and people is definitely worth it!